16 October 2010

Prayers from Ayots St.Lawrence church, Hertfordshire

I had forgotten about these little pictures. I have been getting down to doing an uber back-up today and sifteing through some files, up they came through the ether. I took these a couple of years ago I think when we went to visit George Bernard Shaw's house at Shaw Corner. They started off the gem of the idea of cutting the prayers, which resulted in the "People, Paper, Prayers" exhibition.

Ayot St. Lawrence church is absolutely one of my favourite - a Classical, Palladian inspired gem sitting quietly in Hertfordshire and thankfully not that far from me.

12 October 2010

Camden lettering - a first visit and some lovely lettering...

I have just been to Camden for the first time. I know, I know... the first time at age 44 seems la-la! Its a place that I have always known about and never been. My adolescence was pretty sheltered when I think back. Certainly I had my wild times, but in the scheme of things not that wild! I also have a problem with trendy places. Anything thats percieved as being where to go, where to be seen always makes me want to walk the other day. I hate feeling like a sheep even in unconformity! I do have an obstinate heart. Tell me to jump and I am generally a bit reticent! though peversely I am really enthusiastic about things so I am in a constant state of flux in my nature. Making art's like that though, the flexing between head and heart.

Anyway, getting away from the subject. Camden? It was cool. I actually loved the place. Loved the flow of it, the food and how easy and relaxed it is to just mooch and be about the place. We went down the canal and away from the crowds. It was a special day. And I bought a little plastic tiger that makes me chuckle.

10 October 2010

In it and walking to it - the Imperial War Museum

Walking to the IWM was this blue plaque and my heart skipped a beat!! Captain Bligh! The Bounty!! exciting indeed!

A great road name

And in the museum...